Medical Malpractice: $4.3 Million
Doctor and hospital failed to monitor patient during anesthesia, leading to a brain injury and subsequent death.

Medical Malpractice: $1.8 Million
Doctor and Hospital failed to treat a foot ulcer, resulting in partial amputation.

Medical Malpractice: $1.3 Million
Doctor and hospital failed to properly monitor and treat a patient with dislodged feeding tube, resulting in his death.

Car Accident: $855,000
Rear end accident, resulted in herniated discs in neck and back. Client underwent surgery to repair discs.

Automobile Negligence: $500,000
A 19-year old female was injured when a vehicle attempted a left turn directly into her path while she was driving in Calumet City, causing a major car accident.

Trucking Accident: $975,000
Client suffered herniated discs and underwent fusion surgery after being rear-ended by a truck.

CTA Incident: $3.2 Million
Woman suffered fractured pelvis and bladder injury in CTA incident.

Work Injury: $1.5 Million
Electrician suffered burns from an explosion while working on a construction project.
Slip and Fall: $975,000
Client suffered a fractured leg from a slip and fall on a unnatural accumulation of ice. She then suffered pulmonary embolism, resulting in her death.


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